Fashion Socks Go Corporate with “Meaningful and Memorable” Socks

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thinkinPottstown, PA–Thinkin Sox Inc is a sock designer firm specializing in corporate branding. Thinkin Sox Inc founder, Sila Yesilsoy, learned all about launching new products and selling them while working for a gold wholesaler based in New York. It was there, the 2007 Temple University graduate and Philadelphia, Pa., resident caught the entrepreneurial bug and came up with a plan to dress the thinking man/woman from head to toe with “Thinkin Sox,” that combine the highest-quality cotton with high-quality construction.

“It was just an idea that came up in a conversation about putting on your thinking cap,” Yesilsoy said. “If you put on your thinking cap and your Thinkin Sox, then you will be able to think from head to toe.”

Yesilsoy is finding her niche into the statement sock industry through corporate branding, particularly for companies and organizations with a distinctive image or brand to maintain, such as McLaren Philadelphia ( and the Philadelphia-based clothing line Duke & Winston (

“They make great gifts for clients and employees. These socks have even elevated our awareness within our distributor in the United Kingdom,” said McLaren Philadelphia Business Manager Chad Sierer said. “When it comes to men’s work wear, there are really only two items that can separate you – a tie or a pair of socks. And these feel like a $25 pair of socks purchased at Nieman Marcus.”

Companies get the best of both worlds in marketing: a memorable, useful promotional item that not only looks great, but is truly useful. Yesilsoy and her team like to say, “Thinkin Sox are the elite treat for feet.”

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