Fashion Jewelry Website Offers Instant Customization Tool

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Oakland, NJ–A new fashion jewelry website not only is offering a wide arrange of styles, but through its “instant customization” tool, consumers can virtually design their own styles. lets shoppers pick an item, such as a necklace, bracelet, earrings or pendant, and then customize it by selecting from more than a 1,000 jewelry elements. Each time an element is selected the piece instantly shows on-screen.

“Nowhere on the Internet will you find anything quite like this,” says Rich Albanese who founded Customgia, an offshoot of his company, Giavan Inc., a supplier of jewelry for bridal, prom and social occasions. “Your jewelry designs materialize on screen as if you were sitting in a room full of beads, assembling it yourself. The possibilities are endless and the result is stunning jewelry that expresses one’s individuality.”

Retail prices adjust as the design changes so shoppers can keep their creations in line with their budgets. Necklaces can be made longer, up to 36 inches and bracelets and anklets can be found from 6 ½ to 11 ½ inches.

All jewelry purchased on Customgia is assembled and shipped from  Giavan’s facilities in Oakland, New Jersey.



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