“Fashion Hero” TV Series Promotes Real People as Models

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fashion-hero-70 AMontreal—If your TV watching list includes “Project Runway,” “America’s Next Model” or “Fashion Police,” you may want to tune into the lastest TV series dealing with fashion: “On the Road to the Fashion Hero,” a syndicated show that will run through September.

Created and produced by Caroline Bernier, the founder of “Beauty World Search,”  “The Fashion Hero” is a positive, inspirational and groundbreaking model search for the new millennial generation. The international casting event, television show and series brings together real brands and real people transforming the way beauty is seen in advertising and media.

“The Fashion Hero” is more than just a television show, Bernier says. “The Fashion Hero” is inspiring a new set of standards in the modeling world, as well as promoting and embodying a multitude of positive beauty and body messages for not only girls and boys, but also for women and men globally.

Time for Change

“Its time to change, the world needs a fresh perspective”, says Bernier. “I witnessed many injustices and unrealistic expectations in beauty and fashion. I always wondered how nice it would be to see real people, real beauty, represented in those advertising campaigns, instead of airbrushed, photo shopped, unattainable ideals of beauty. I want to give this planet a big self-esteem hug and create something that will give back to our society. This is the reason why I created The Fashion Hero!”

“The Fashion Hero” model search opens its doors to real people; women and men of all shapes and sizes, aged between 16 to 40. Starting with a nation-wide casting call, internationally renowned brands will choose candidates that will compete to represent their brands. Candidates register and create their portfolios online and promote through their social media to win votes and to potentially become one of the many finalists of The Fashion Hero. Brand managers will then select one to two final winner(s) to be part of their advertising campaign(s).

fashion-hero-10 A “We need to promote healthy models with healthy lifestyles. It’s time for a fresh perspective to help heal the fashion industry. We believe the ‘Fashion Hero’ can connect better with today’s target audiences through energy, enthusiasm, self-confidence and, above all, a positive body image message,” adds Bernier.


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