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comes in a recycled paper box and has the cause you are supporting on the heel.

About the Brand

BANGS shoes isn’t a unique idea, i.e. using fashion to promote a cause. However, it’s inspiration and birth is from one person’s love of donating her time to make a difference. The president and founder of BANGS shoes, Hannah Davis can testify about how one person can make a difference after the completion of a year long contract teaching English in China’s eastern Jiangsu Province back in June 2010.

This experience lead to the inspiration of BANGS shoes which are modeled after the olive green, army-style shoes worn by thousands of construction and field workers across China where Hanna Davis first realized that one person can change the world and this passion soon sparked the desire to give this opportunity to others.

Each BANGS shoe is color coded to a specific cause and has an icon stitched on the outside heel to help remind you which cause and nonprofit your BANGS shoe purchase supports. 20% of net profits made from each pair of BANGS are invested in its nonprofit partners.

Me in Bang shoes

Me in Bang shoes

About the fit

The shoes do run a half size bigger but if you want to wear them with socks then get them in your usual size. I am wearing a size 8 when I usually wear a size 8.5. I picked the red because of recent events in Oklahoma have lead me to believe that we have to stand on issues, like natural disasters, that effect us as a community. The red BANGS indeed means disaster relief (It has a tornado icon on the heel).

The shoes are snug on the toes and soft on the soles which make for a flexible shoe.  These shoes seemed to be destined for long walks, or jogs. They are also made of canvas which means they breathe well, and since I live in Florida and somehow still prefer closed shoes, these are great for hot summers as well.

The bottom of the shoe is completely rubber so you can basically fold it in half and it will just snap right back. I love durability and this shoe has it. Plus, who does like a shoe that keeps its shape? It means that you can wear the shoe often without it increasing in size over time (suddenly it begins to slip off your heel when you walk).

Flexible, Durable and Fashionable plus 20% of proceeds goes to the nonprofit of your choice (based on the color you choose), what more can we ask for in a brand.

You can find BANGS shoes at various retailers or their website,

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