Fall accessories trend: Shoes

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Finally, we have shoes. Project runway actually created a challenge on shoes stating that most people set their wardrobe to them. It is true I have pulled a set of fantastic shoes and wondered, what am I going to wear with these shoes? The best thing to do is buy shoes that have more versatility between wardrobes. We love our shoes but we can’t plan our wardrobe around them because of practicality.  Here are some shoes that we are calling the most wardrobe friendly trends on the market!

Givenchy shows off a versatile mix of gladiator illusion and mid-calf boots.

The mid-calf boot

This boot is halfway between knee-high and ankle and is meant to be worn without stockings!! I am cheating though with knee high stocking stocks. I loved this trend because I am a boot person (I own about 20 pairs and since I live in Florida it says a lot).  I have several ankle boots but I can’t wear them with mini-skirt trend of the fall and knee high boots stop me from showing off my legs. This trend allows for multiple skirt lengths as seen at Givenchy fall 2013 runway above.


Three inch heels and above from stick to thick are in vogue this season.  Store wedge heels and hidden heel styles this season.  For those in cold climates and pot wholes, try to wear thicker heels with more more coverage. Warmer climates can wear the open sandals heel versions with the stick heels.  Heeled ankle boots are also on trend but these can be worn with leggings or pants as seen at Mui Mui.

The menswear slippers

These flats are so chic that they can replace the boot for warm weather climate. These are strictly pants-wearing shoes. There are great with the printed pants, the fall jean trend and the leather pants trend.  Above, you can see several prints and add-on details that make it this trend personal style friendly.


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