Fall 2012 Shoe Guide: Heels for thrills in every style

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Who doesn’t love shoes? Heels are great for those holiday parties and after christmas, we may have to retire them simply becasue weather doesn’t allow us to wear them all year around. Alas, we still have those parties to look forward too so kick up those heels and discover which one will be your best friend this season in our heels for every style guide.

These pumps are under 25 dollars at forever21.com

These pumps are under 25 dollars at forever21.com

Point toe heels

This shoes come in a variety of heel sizes so almost any hieght and any one who loves this shape (not me) can wear them.

Best for: Classic

Worst for: Romance and Vintage types


High: bluefly.com

Mid: Dillards (for variety 69 to 299)

Low: ninewest (for sale items at 49)

Kiltie details

This shoe is actually not a shoe type but a shoe design and can be found in heels as well as flats. The heels of this trend is thick, making it best for people who are prone to fall in stillettos (like me ;) )

Best for: Causal, Romance and Vintage (tassels for casual, and fringe for romance/vintage)

Worst for: Rockers (unless goths and then this style may be up your alley)


High: Zappos.com

Mid: ebay.com for vintage looks, macy’s for variety in prices

Low: DSW.com

Black Strappy

Another design detail and not an actually shoe style (like pumps); the straps come in alot of sizes from thin to thick which once again adds versatility.

Best for: Thick straps for punk, Thin straps (go for as little space as possible and more straps) for rocker, thin and more spaces can be great for glam

Worst for: Casual and Classic


High: Jimmy Choo (Neiman Marcus)

Mid: Calvin Klein (DSW)

Low: Ebay (if you would buy used), ZooShoo and Sears

Next week we will cover ….ummmm….I do like handbags and with the holidays coming up we will need alot of variety. So that’s what’s on schedule for next week. Let us know what you want to see on our facebook page!!

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