Event: Christian Louboutin Takes On Seduction, Suspense and Crime

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Talk about taking “killer heels” to another level.

Christian Louboutin

For the recent formal launch of its Spring 2016 collection, Christian Louboutin transformed its Madison Avenue store into a chic crime scene, where guests got to play detectives, CSI style.


The goal is to find out through the eyes of Detective Baila Spike who “killed” Amazoula, a Parisian woman who had a wardrobe to die for (pun intended). At the Madison Avenue boutique, clues were scattered around the area, highlighting some of the brand’s latest footwear and beauty merchandise.

Here’s a recap from the Fashion Files:

The victim? Amazoula.


The Amazoula style is Christian Louboutin’s take on a sculptural sandal, with cutout details and leather laces.

As the story goes, Amazoula’s maid, Wawy Dolly, found her dead body in her apartment. A few moments after, the police arrived together with Detective Baila Spike, an investigator with a sharp eye for detail. She spotted a blood red nail polish with a long, pointed cap. Could it be the murder weapon?


The Baila Spike is a strappy sandal with metal studs and leopard print patent leather. Next to it is Christian Louboutin’s Rouge Louboutin Nail Colour, which comes in various colors. Other beauty products available are a lip liner and a lipstick.

Detective Spike then noticed that Amazoula held an untouched lipstick and that a handbag was resting in the crook of her elbow. The maid said that Amazoula had many admirers, both men and women. As Detective Spike thought, “Did one of them go too far?”


The Wawy Dolly is a pair of neon pink pumps with crooked heels.



Large handbags are part of Christian Louboutin’s Spring 2016 collection, like the Paloma. It has three compartments and installed on its bottom are four metal heels, which act as a pedestal when the bag is placed on the floor.

Detective Spike continued to wander around. She eventually discovered that Amazoula loved shoes, whether they’re in leather or adorned with jewels. Whoever the killer was, s/he must have left in a hurry, as nothing valuable was missing in the crime scene.


The Girlsbestfriend is Christian Louboutin’s modern take on bejeweled strappy sandals.



Florals for Spring? Yes. This trend materializes into the Ha Why Luna, wedge sandals that have laser-cut 3D flowers.



The Last Empress is made with shiny metallic leather, and comes in a color combination of nude and black.


Detective Spike started to feel envious. Apparently, even in death, Amazoula’s sense of style was still captivating. Like any other rational detective, she gathered her composure and ended her investigation at that moment. She would go through her findings later, although she couldn’t help but linger on an unsettling thought: The killer is still on the loose.

Ladies, better watch your back. Or your feet.


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