Essential Summer Accessories

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Hello My Traveling Fashionistas!

Summer Solicits is upon us & with that comes the time of year to kick back, relax and lighten your load.  This week also kicks off summer vacation or even a simple             day-cation.  All week long here at Serendipity we have been assisting the “Traveler” in her accessory necessities for an easy relaxing trip.  I use the term “Traveler” quite strong, we prefer the term “traveler as opposed to the term “tourist”. A “Tourist” might resemble the person with a fanny pack (YIKES!), tube socks & chunky gym shoes, the giant camera hanging off the neck and probably some sort of ball cap that belongs in the ball park only. Simply voiding these few fashion mishaps you then become the”Traveler”; looking comfortable & cool in easy clothing a simple cotton sundress, a small preferably zip closure cross body bag to fit your smart phone which doubles as your camera & other basic essentials (travel size hand wipes, tissue, sunglasses, compact, lip gloss, I.D. & few bucks) and cute walking flats or neat walking sneaker- NOT a  chunky gym shoe. So weather traveling by land, air or sea here is a list & pics of on-the-go accessory essentials:

IMG_1533                              IMG_1534                                  IMG_1532

A large tote for all of your needs- ONLY TAKE WHAT YOU NEED FOR THE TRIP (I try to avoid using my work bag, otherwise I feel like I’m going to work), a small cross body bag with a zip closure for day and removable straps to double as clutch for evening, a light scarf for a chilly evening, an ensemble of jewelry in your favorite color for day (I love traveling with turquoise it goes with everything), long clear crystal earrings-bracelet-stretch ring for evening (again goes with everything), sunglasses, crushable & packable hat, a small foldable re-useable emergency tote and a cute headband for those out of control hair days.  YES all of these traveling essentials are available at Serendipity ” Accessories to express yourself” .

Happy Trails Traveler!!!!