Editor’s Blog: Valentine’s Day Wish List

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As editor of Accessories magazine, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that Valentine’s Day puts serious pressure on my husband. “What could I possibly surprise you with that you haven’t already seen in a showroom six months ago and written about?” he complains each year. “Plus, you know all the designers and trends, and what the hell do I even know about jewelry?”

If that’s not an easy out, I don’t know what is.

True, after he did such a great job with the engagement ring four years ago, I pretty much excused him from any future jewelry purchasing decisions. Besides, I like picking out and purchasing my own jewelry, especially from designer friends in the industry.

But, since I have hearts, locks, keys and all things red on the brain, here are some ideas:

First, a giant metal heart sculpture by artist Jeff Koons. “Hanging Heart (Magenta/Gold)” sold for $21 million. I deserve it, right?
Not sure how this would look hanging in my apartment, but I do love it.


Totally digging this graphic ring by designer Ileana Makri. The interlocking hearts–black diamonds and red rubies–are a sweet symbol of artistic love.

I am already a collector and huge fan of Heather Moore Jewelry, which is all hand stamped and hand polished with such personality. While lots of designers make customized charms with initials, names and dates, I truly love hers the most. Plus, she’s from Cleveland, my husband’s home town! What’s more romantic than that?  My Heather Moore charm set is all about my son (including a pendant with the latitude and longitude of Negril, Jamaica, stamped on it–the exact coordinates of where he was, ahem, made). But a little Valentine’s Day something something would be a nice touch.


Hearts, schmearts… anything red is Valentine-y enough, no? Yet another cool black diamond and ruby piece from Ileana Makri. Slinky and sexy. It’s also the Chinese Year of the Snake, so all eyes are on this slithery motif.



OK, so this isn’t actually the newest item of the year, but Tiffany will always have the key to MY heart. I like the non-diamond version the best, actually. Clean and simple.


And last but not least, the Iron Maiden heart locket, complete with inside spikes. This fun creation by Maison de Morgana is NOT something I want for Valentine’s Day, but I still think it’s hilarious. Just put a photo in and, uh, dramatically slam it shut.

Well, maybe for when he forgets to take out the trash!

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