Editor’s Blog: The Bachelor Tests Those Survival Skills

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Are you watching Survivor, I mean The Bachelor?!?!?!?

Who knew dating would involve skills like sawing through trees, rock climbing in 120-degree heat in the California desert, rappelling down sheer mountainfaces, and dunking oneself in Canadian glacial lakes in sub-freezing weather!

Some years ago, I did a Backroads Biking & Camping trip through Montana and Canada, visiting most of the sites seen in the past two episodes. And even though I paid for a rugged experience, I didn’t have to do half the crazy sh*t these girls did.

Seriously: Polar Plunge?!?!

And while Bachelor Sean Lowe fancies himself a member of Navy SEAL Team Six, we’re here to help a gal out through Bachelor Boot Camp and still have her look great (Tierra, you’re on your own).

Some items to always have on hand…and wrist:


Boone Rings

This multipurpose Titanium Utility Ring from Boone Rings has a mini can opener, comb, serrated blade and more.


Spring 2013 1116cynthia-rowley-flask-bangle_fa

Don’t have time to grab a canteen? Make sure to always have on Cynthia Rowley’s bangle flasks, complete with screw-on tops for added security.

uncommon goods

Always find your way with these authentic compass necklaces found at Uncommon Goods engraved with words of wisdom like “Follow Your Heart” and “Find Your Way.”


Never go thirsty with this bottle opener ring by Fun Gadgets . Sorry, beer not included.


SurvivalStraps-Bracelet-e1308075787219 SurvivalStraps-Bracelet-e1308075787219

Don’t leave home without the SurivalStrap–a seemingly innocuous macrame bracelet that unravels into a few feet of super strong military-spec paracord.


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