Editor’s Blog: Style on the Farm?

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Carley Khan scarves

I recently returned from my brother’s Vermont house-slash-micro farm, where we got to feed the goats, juice home-grown kale and scramble up freshly laid eggs for breakfast—thank you chickens!

I was stumped on how I could possibly use any of that for Accessories magazine blog fodder, as the only style out there seems to be practical sun hats, bandanas for wiping sweat and sturdy boots for traipsing through the mud en route to the barn.

However, I was charmed this morning when I received digital images from Carley Kahn scarves (left), which was so artfully shot on a farm that I challenged myself to somehow work it all together!

While no one is suggesting you wear a $425 silk crepe de chine scarf anywhere near a farm (unless you look like this model), the prints and patterns had a lovely sun-bleached, graphic feel, and seemed perfect for any season.




And, below there’s me on the family farm, Starbucks in hand and New York Times tucked under my arm! Somehow, the goats didn’t care about my Michael Kors shirt, although they loved nibbling on my Linea Pelle suede fringed handbag!! Not surprisingly, my three-year old son is having a blast, my niece and sister-in-law are right at home, and I’m wondering how to get the mud stains out of my new shoes.


Maybe next time I’ll take a cue from my sister-in-law and buy a pair of Bogs! But I’m going for the colorful ones, unlike my son, who will wallow in the dirt in plain ol’ black boots any day!



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