Editor’s Blog: Someone Developed My Idea!

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IJoan Hornig am filing this one under: Ideas I’ve Had That Never Came to Fruition.

Believe me, the file cabinet is stuffed.

This is a good one and I knew someone would fill the void. Most of us use our phones as our cameras, and we often find ourselves digging in our handbags for it to get a perfect shot. And if you’re like me, you might’ve even fumbled your phone onto the pavement as that perfect photo op passes you by.

I’m always seeing bloggers or tourists wearing their small digital cameras around their necks and always had a bit of envy. Do I buy a compact digital camera so I can always wear my camera comfortably? Isn’t that a waste of money when I love my camera phone? And how would I share digital images to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram on the fly? Wouldn’t I have to go home, download to my desktop and then share from there?

Then the voice in my head screams: “How come no one has created a stylish way to comfortably wear my phone/camera that way so I always have it accessible? I should really develop this.”


I even went on Amazon and bought a cheap backstage pass-looking lanyard that hooked onto my phone so I could wear it at trade shows. Although as my Samsung Galaxy doesn’t have a little hole for this ugly black lanyard, I had to pry off the case, loop it through and force the case back together. Then the phone dangled against my stomach. Not good design.

So I’m very excited about this new phone case/carrier by philanthropist Joan Hornig, which lets you wear your phone/camera horizontally and always snap-ready. Stylish, functional and conversational! Another plus? All the profits of each sale go to the charity of the consumer’s choice. Retail: $150.

However, like most new tech innovations, this one is only for the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 5, leaving us Android users in the dust.

Back to my lanyard. *sigh*