Editor’s Blog: My Geographic Timeline

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Who isn’t defined, at least a little, by where they live now? Or shaped by where they have lived and what they’ve done over the years? After seeing some location-based and thematic items of jewelry at the recent round of accessories shows, I felt like taking a little stroll down memory lane. It’s nice to know I can pop on any of these pieces and relive a portion of my timeline.


Born in Brooklyn, I can definitely say I was there before it was hip! Gold-filled Brooklyn scroll necklace by Aziza Jewelry, $55.


FORMATIVE YEARS: After Brooklyn, my parents figured we needed some more space (read: suburbs), so we moved to Long Island. I stayed in New York state for college, heading way upstate for college. From Kris Nations, from $42


COLLEGE: Jewelry designer Alex Woo recently launched a collegiate collection, and how thrilled was I to discover that she and I both went to Cornell! So of course her alma mater is represented, not just with the Cornell “C” but with the Big Red Bear mascot. In white gold and diamonds, it’s $1,198. Definitely less than a year of tuition!


alexwoo-minigreek-phibetaphi-gGOING GREEK: Cornell had a huge Greek system, so maybe that’s what inspired Woo to also launch a line of Greek letter charms for us sorority girls. I was a Pi Beta Phi, aka “Pi Phi.” Still am, I suppose…

carpe diem handmade

WANDERLUST: Like many college students, I set off to Europe for a year to “find myself” and have all sorts of adventures. A year in the gorgeous Austrian capital of Vienna did the trick and infused me with my love of art and culture.

NYT MUSEUM 044NYC OR BUST! Having fallen in love with urban living while in Europe, it was only natural to return to Manhattan upon graduation. While I might be dating myself by admitting I moved to New York back when they still used subway tokens, I’m proud to have experienced these now iconic items! New York designer Cynthia Gale at Geoart has immortalized them, proudly giving a portion of each purchase to the The New York Transit Museum. untitleduntitled copy copyPUTTING DOWN ROOTS: After bopping around in rentals for (too) many years, I finally purchased my own little piece of Manhattan. The Map Necklace by Three Jane can be customized to any location and I’m happy to say my current Upper West Side locale is now etched in metal for eternity. The retail price ranges from $150 – $175.


OH BABY: Of course, the best location-inspired piece of them all is this gold and silver charm necklace from Heather Moore Jewelry. That piece on the right? The latitude and longitude of Negril, Jamaica, where my son was, ahem, Made in Jamaica. Now that’s a place to remember!

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