Editor’s Blog: Out of Egypt

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Metropolitan Museum of Art wall painting

I’ve had ancient Egypt on the brain lately, as it’s been coming at me from many directions—from Kara Ross and Lele Sadoughi’s incredible scarab necklaces to the Great Gatsby’s ubiquitous Deco trends (King Tut’s tomb was discovered in 1922, leaving an indelible impression on fashion of the times). Geek that I am, I’ve also been transfixed by TV specials like Nova’s Mysteries of the Sphinx.

So, finding myself with a few hours to kill the other day, I headed straight to the source. No, not the Nile, but rather The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Temple of Dendur and reflecting pool, Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Egyptian Wing is a little creepy, what with all the tombs and mummies and statues of animal gods, but it is incredibly transporting and beautiful.

Even more incredible than the ancient Temple of Dendur, however, was all the jewelry.

We’re talking jewelry made millennia ago! Much of which I would wear today!

It was fun to imagine the artisans back then, crafting snake rings out of gold and enameling detailed pendants with pretty much the same techniques jewelers use today. With snake jewelry having its moment, I half expected to bump into some local jewelry designers, sketchbooks in hand.

Here, some really really old pieces, and some modern interpretations. Can you tell which are which?

Gold Snake Bracelet, 1 A.D. to 500 A.D, Metropolitan Museum of Art


Snake rings, 1st century A.D


House of Harlow 1960 Double Finger Wrap, 2012


Heart Scarab of Hatnefer, 1492 B.C. to 1473 B.C, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Graduated Scarab Necklace, Kara Ross, 2012


Miniature Broad Collar, 332 B.C. to 222 B.C, Metropolitan Museum of Art


Lele Sadoughi scarab necklace, Spring 2013





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