Editor’s Blog: Am I Write?

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I recently heard that they’re no longer teaching cursive writing in school. So not only has all this typing and texting ruined my handwriting, it’s destroying the future of the written word.

But I have hope. Maybe all those images of a teen Carrie Bradshaw on “The Carrie Diaries” writing in her journal by her window will inspire some others to do the same. Here, stylish notebooks for those who still put pen to paper.


Pantone Chips Journal


Pantone Chips Journal, full of all your favorite colors. Write in style, and pick paint swatches at the same time.




Sakroots Journal with original Artist print. Why not match your handwritten journal to your handbag?


What I Wore Today journal

what I wore today journal, for the doodler among us. Record your favorite outfits, and plan future ones.

J.Crew journal

Word Up journal by J. Crew. Pretty much says it all. And it’s pretty in pink, too!