Earring trends for the summer

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We hardly ever focus on one accessory but with one look at the runway and the magazines , we can say that earrings are having a moment. Earrings seem to be the new statement so here are some trends to love this summer and what trends are right for your style.



Once considered punk and rock fair, these earrings are going mainstream.  Fashion is always pulling inspiration from the past so it is no surprise that the first time this style was mainstream was the 90′s. This fact comes to no surprise since the 90′s is having a moment as well.

Classic/Casual: These earrings are bold but there are simple post options that just sit in the curve of the ear.

Punk/Rock: We love the stud and spike versions we have seen that hug the ear on top.

Romance/Vintage: Stick to animal or floral motifs.

Glam: The crystal versions are right for you or try the exaggerated version like the Katie Gallagher above.

Make a statement with large earrings.

Statement Earrings

Go big or go home seems to be the mantra this season with multiple layers, large monograms or just layers of crystals in this eye-catching trend. Classic and Causal dressers may shy away from this look but try to monogram looks like the one above in silver for less of a statement.

Punk/Rock: Try large stone and stud accents in clusters.

Classic/Casual: If the monogram is too much, try long drop earrings which have a single focal point.

Romance/vintage: Multiple layers with filigree accents are prefect.

Glam: Crystal Clusters are right up your alley.

Balmain Spring 2013

Large Hoop

Another 90′s throwback, this style gets an update with hammered metal and chic embellishments. No bamboo earrings here (except maybe at Mark Fast).

classic/Casual: Try hammered loops with stud base like the Balmain versions above.

Rock/Punk: Pointed hoops are great. Try metal hoops with pyramid stud base as well.

Romance/Vintage: Hoops with charms, and focal points are just right.

Glam: look for rhinestone accents.



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