E-Commerce Site Launches to Support “Made in USA”

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ABP logoSan Diego—American Brand Project launches this week with the goal of helping consumers discover and experience great American brands. American Brand Project tells the stories behind these brands and individuals who are manufacturing in the United States, and promotes these qualifying products in its social commerce marketplace.

With multiple product categories including apparel, food and beverage, pet supplies, home & garden, sporting and beauty, American Brand Project is a collaborative endeavor that aims to educate and motivate consumers to support those who are essentially building brands on Main Street, U.S.A. American Brand Project intends to track the number of new jobs created among their brand partners as a result of more consumers buying directly from their social commerce market place.

Community Oriented

American Brand Project already features more than 40 brands that offer alternatives to the mass-produced items typically found through bigger retailers. Each company has its own Marketplace storefront where shoppers can purchase products and experience original brand stories created by the American Brand Project team.

“We believe that if consumers knew how to buy American – how to essentially buy from their neighbors – they would choose to. There is a strong misconception that buying domestically produced products will cost more, or that the products will lack quality. If you look at the brands that have quickly joined American Brand Project, you will find that they have been launched by designers and chefs, sportsmen and curators. These are Americans who have a passion for their products, and they have found a way to be price competitive, community-oriented and transparent in their business practices. We want to reward them, promote them and share who they are with consumers,” said American Brand Project Co-Founder Christian Mouritzen.

Each brand has been given an ABP “Buffalo-Rating”, which helps consumers evaluate the “American-ness” of the brand, which includes assessing the percentage of overall products that the brand makes in the United States., confirming that it is a domestically-owned company and taking into account what percentage of the product’s components have been sourced domestically. It is not an investigative rating, but one rather based upon the forthrightness of the participating brands.

Brands on the site include: Nokona, Wits & Beaux, All American Clothing Co., Stephanie Dawn, Shrader Clothing, Finley Shirts, Steam Horse Dry Goods Co., Heart of Vermont Organic Bedding, Smashing Golf & Tennis, Ujena Swimwear, Bulldog LED Lights, Rustico Leather, B.I.T.S, Mark Whit Lures, The BoardSMITH International, D and Me, Equinox LTD, Mal Paca Pillows, Vance Family Soy Candles, Sundance Sheep Skin Leathers, San Diego Pretzel Company, Tough Traveler LTD, Natalie Frigo, Bamboosa, Madcapz, Bikini Thief, Jon Wye, Bison Made, Manready Mercantile, Frank Clegg Leather Works, Bamboo Gems, Billy Kirk, California North Skincare, Brooklyn Butcher Blocks, Rising Sun Jeans and Annabel Valerie Sclippa among others.

Saber toothed cat ring from Natalie Frigo, $450

Saber toothed cat ring from Natalie Frigo, $450

“As a company that makes all of our jewelry in New York City, we were thrilled to be a part of the American Brand Project. ABP has curated some of the top USA made brands and we are excited that our company, by/natalie frigo, and many other domestic companies will have this great resource,” said designer Natalie Frigo.



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