Item of the Day: Alison Lou

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emogiItem of the Day: Alison Lou

If you’re living in the 21st Century, you surely know what 😉 means, or even <3.

Text speak has developed a whole new wordless language, featuring created symbols representing cute little emoticons. This technological language is what inspired designer and creative director Alison Chemela to design a collection for her fine jewelry brand, Alison Lou.

“Finding interesting ways to combine emoticons to tell a story became much like what I imagine the process being for a writer or a painter when crafting their pièce de résistance. Jewelry should tell a story and tell something about someone’s personal style and that is what I try and do with every piece I make,” Chemla said.

emogi2These emoticon charms can be changed according to how you feel that day. The sunglasses emoticon is great for when you’re feeling “cool” and the heart eyes for when you’re feeling flirty. Other charms include party, happy, and kissy-face emoticons. Made from solid gold, these charms show that fine jewelry can also be quirky, cute and fun!

The emoticon jewelry charms will be sure to get a lot of attention, since people use them every day to communicate on their phones. This goes to show how technology has become an extension of ourselves, and something that we can now wear!

Retail: $590 each


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