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Take ChargeItem of the Day: Miamica

Ever pack for a trip and forget an important charger, like for a camera, phone, iPad, Kindle, Clarisonic, __________ (insert latest gadget name here)? How did you survive?

Well, take charge of your electronic life with this Take Charge travel case from Miamica.

Devra Miller, president of Miamica, wanted to design functional and fun women’s travel accessories after seeing a void for them in the accessories market and realizing her own demands required them.

All of Miamica’s travel accessories have amusing sayings and graphics that can be paired with related items. “If it helps make people smile or laugh during the difficult process of traveling, then I’ve done my job!” Miller said.

The Take Charge case is one of our favorites, with adjustable dividers inside to keep all chargers organized and easy to find. Chargers won’t get separated like they would if they were loose in a travel bag. There is even a clear top to the case to find a certain charger in a hurry. Having all electronics in one place also makes going through airport security a breeze.

The Take Charge case certainly will make anyone travel-happy! Perfect for this coming Memorial Day weekend travels.

Retail: $20 large size, $15 small



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