A temperature-lowering hat for hot-headed consumers!

Dorfman Pacific’s Temps Lowering Hats are Cool Literally

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A temperature-lowering hat for hot-headed consumers!

A temperature-lowering hat for hot-headed consumers!

Stockton, California—All you hot-headed people, read this. Hats off to Dorfman Pacific, who has engineered a way to keep us cooler on sweltering days.

The hat company has just launched Cool Comfort Technologies which promises actual cooling action to your head while wearing their hats. Say what?

We won’t confuse you with the technical terms such as hydraulically compressed and high-density capillary networks; just know that it uses evaporation technology to lower the temperature.

As Bill Stein, Dorfman Pacific VP explains it: “You wet it in plain water, wring it out and then wear it. The power of evaporation does the rest, reducing the temperature of the hat by multiple degrees over the next 60 seconds.” Or, if you don’t have water handy, the perspiration coming off your head can activate the technology as well.

Dorfman Pacific is introducing four hats with this Cool Comfort Technologies fabric, retailing from $25 to $45. Three are in the company’s high-performance Discovery Expedition line, the first two with UPF 50 sun protection: a Sahara Cap with neck flap and a Marathon cap. The fourth, a Scala Pro Ball Cap from the golf hat collection, brings the Cool Comfort Technologies fabric to the golf world.

The best part? The hats are antimicrobial and antibacterial treated, and can be reactivated again and again just by remoistening the fabric.

All styles adjustable, unisex and are available in stone or khaki colors.