Disruptor: New Shoe App Scans Feet for Perfect Custom Fit

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True Gault

3D scanning technology gives True Gault users a perfect fit

If you’re between shoe sizes, have slightly different feet, have a hard time finding shoes that fit perfectly, and want to have a hand in designing your own shoes, True Gault is here to help…and disrupt the shoe paradigm as we know it.

True Gault (the name is a combo of true fit and founder Sandra Gault’s name) is a new online footwear retailer that aims for a perfect fit, every time, using 3D imaging technology that renders standard shoe sizing essentially obsolete. Consumers with an iPhone 5 or higher download the app that scans their bare foot from three angles then answer a few questions about age and height (as those contribute to gait and shoe fit).

Once that’s done, the user picks out the design and materials, then sends away to have the shoes custom made in Spain. Shoppers are empowered to “design” their shoes from a luxe selection of 20+ styles, colors, 2” or 4” heel heights, 70+ leathers, patents and fabrics, so no two shoes need be alike. Custom designs arrive within 4 weeks and retail from $250 to $350.

True Gault

Bespoke, stylish designs that fit perfectly are the unicorn of the footwear industry. Photo: True Gault.

“It was baffling to me that the idea that high heels have to be uncomfortable was so widely accepted by women everywhere,” says Sandra Gault, whose background is from Kodak and IBM, not from the footwear industry. “Our technology is really exciting and we’re reinventing the bespoke experience. Each pair of shoes is one-of-a-kind, just like the shopper herself.”

The direct to consumer model puts True Gault in the same space as say, disrupters Warby Parker or Dollar Shave Club, and indeed all three companies are part of the ultra-esteemed Google Accelerator program.

True Gault

True Gault ruched suede booties

The company claims that American women buy more than five hundred million pairs of dress shoes each year – and 90% of women suffer shoes that fit improperly. While we don’t have our own data to back that up, anecdotally, that sounds about right!

True Gault

Fuchsia shoes add a pop of color. Photo: True Gault.

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