Deckers, NY Retailer Settle Dispute over Fake UGGs

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The real deal: authentic UGG Australia boots

Goleta, CA—For shoppers who go to Dr. Jay’s, an 18-store urban apparel and footwear specialty store based in New York City, forget about finding the latest pair of UGG Australia boots there.

The retailer agreed Tuesday to remove all UGG Australia merchandise from its stores after Deckers Outdoor Corp., UGG’s owner, sued charging the UGG footwear the store was selling were counterfeit.

“We were operating under the belief that the boots and shoes were authentic UGG Australia product,” said a Dr. Jay’s spokesperson. “When Deckers shared the results of its examination of the product, we cooperated quickly.” Dr. Jay’s is not an authorized UGG Australia retailer, Deckers added.

Last November, the U.S. District Court for Southern New York granted a preliminary injunction to Deckers after the company filed suit against Dr. Jay’s in October for selling the allegedly counterfeit UGG boots.

Stepped Up Anti-Counterfeiting Drive

Under the settlement, Dr. Jay’s must destroy all the counterfeit product and will donate the authentic product in its inventory to charity. Dr. Jay’s also agreed to accept product returns from consumers with a valid receipt.

“This is classic example of ‘buyer beware,’” said Angel Martinez, Deckers’ president/ceo.“We do all we can to help consumers and fans of our brands identify authorized retailers and authentic product, and we have our own UGG Australia stores where you can be sure you’re buying the real thing. We join those retailers and manufacturers who are likewise committed to fighting the counterfeit scourge.”

Martinez noted that the UGG Australia brand has a “robust anti-counterfeiting education effort on its own website and uses social media channels Facebook and Twitter to help consumers find authentic UGG Australia product, both online and at retail stores worldwide.”

While this was the first New York retailer involved in a counterfeit goods suit, Deckers has been stepping up efforts to prevent fakes of its iconic UGG footwear. In 2010 alone, the company seized more than 420,000 pairs of fake UGG boots and had more than over auction sites selling counterfeit goods removed along with more than 500,000 listings on wholesale trade boards.



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