CW’s Dynasty Reboot Makes Conspicuous Consumption Fashionable Again

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Mark Hill/The CW

If you watched “Dynasty” in the ’80s, you probably remember lots of big spending, big hair, big makeup, big shoulders, big cat fights between Joan Collins and Linda Evans, and big, glitzy jewelry. The CW’s reboot, which premieres tonight on the CW, takes a similar (campy) approach to conspicuous consumption, and Costume Designer Meredith Markworth-Pollack is making sure we get our fashion eye candy. Whether or not this becomes the next trend-setting Gossip Girl remains to be seen, but with Younger busy channeling a hip Brooklyn vibe, it’s nice to know that someone is betting on the bling…and the shoulder pads!

Jace Downs/CW

The show stars Grant Show (from Melrose Place!) as the debonnaire oil tycoon Blake Carrington (shown above center), and some twists bring it into the 21st Century (Heather Locklear’s “Sammy Jo” is now a gay male nephew by the same name). There are plenty of bodice-ripping cat fights and secret trysts to go around, and jewelry looks to be all about chandelier earrings and golden bracelets. Carrington’s second wife Cristal (as in the champagne, a reboot from the 1980s Krystle spelling from Blake’s white secretary) has been rebooted as an ambitious Latina businesswoman…who still clashes with Carrington’s daughter Fallon. Ah, the memories!

Mark Hill/CW