‘The Crown’ Costume Designer on Dressing a Royal Wedding, Jackie Kennedy and the Sexy, Swinging ’60s in Season Two

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Despite the setting of 1956 to 1964, the second season of the Queen Elizabeth II biopic series “The Crown” hits pretty close to home right now, with a televised royal wedding (to a commoner!), U.S.-Anglo relations in need of “repair” — although then it was due to the U.K.’s involvement in the Suez Canal Crisis as opposed to the sitting U.S. President‘s objectionable Twitter activity — and institutionalized sexism all around. But fans of the Netflix show also have the privilege to binge scintillating 20th century political intrigue, royal family drama — possibly giving insight into why Princes William and Harry became such seemingly chill guys, to be featured season five or so — and gorgeous, gorgeous costumes thanks to Jane Petrie, who takes over from the first season’s Michele Clapton and Timothy Everest. Read more at Fashionista