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Just when you thought shoe shopping couldn’t get any better, there’s a new app for that. Or rather, in Purcado’s case, a new comparison shopping website for that., a stylish new site with a built-in search engine that finds the best prices on footwear, just launched this week to the chagrin of footwear fetishists. In a nutshell, it does the legwork of scouring retailers, including Saks, Nordstrom, Zappos and Foot Locker, for the best price and quickly comparing multiple retail stores in a single listing. So, instead of manually opening multiple browsers and endlessly chasing the best price by searching numerous sites, Purcado does all that cyberstalking work.

“There are lots of places to shop online and find deals, just not enough time in the day to search them all,” explains 26-year old founder and CEO Jeff Caudill, who says he’s always had a passion for shoes. “I searched for awhile to find an aggregator for footwear and when I couldn’t find specifically what I was looking for, I decided to build Purcado. ”

“We built Purcado to save our users’ time, money, and energy by helping them find shoes at the best price, from the best retailers, in an easy-to-use search.”

And consolidate he did. The site combines more than 50 retailers (including high-end boutiques, athletic, specialty, and large department stores), thousands of brands and more than 200,000 product listings – from ballet flats to strappy sandals, stilettos to platform sneakers. It also has a men’s and children’s section, and although it’s just out of beta testing, analysts have already seen products with savings of up to 70% in a single listing.

If you thought you were picky about the shoes you purchase, Purcado vets all affiliated retailers before signing them on. Selection and quality, as well as checkout experience, customer service and return policy are all taken into consideration.

Once a retailer is approved to work with a retailer, the site receives data feeds on a daily basis that include inventory from the entire product catalog featured on a retailers’ site. Purcado then displays a single listing for a product that is sold in multiple stores, allowing users to make quick price comparisons.

Purcado receives commission from each sale which varies by retailer. The company has raised an undisclosed seed round.

As for the technology, Purcado works something like Kayak but for shoes instead of travel and focuses on one-click buying.

“Our shopping experience is superior to traditional retail shopping sites because we focus on two things: quality by curating the shoes and sites that are presented to our shoppers, and allowing users to quickly compare multiple retail stores in a single listing ,” Caudill added.