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A bag from the Melissa x The Cambridge Satchel Company collaboration in red

A bag from the Melissa x The Cambridge Satchel Company collaboration in red

London Fashion Week’s Spring 2017 shows were also a platform for the announcement of new designer collaborations. At the same time during the launch of Disney’s partnership with British designer Christopher Raeburn last Friday, Brazilian accessories brand Melissa also released its capsule collection of bags with The Cambridge Satchel Company.

The collection, as expected, has a lineup of 11-inch, glossy plastic satchels in solid and holographic colors, featuring classic buckle closures with stitching and metal hardware. According to the two brands, each bag is also “entirely waterproof,” which makes it a fashionably functional accessory.

While The Cambridge Satchel Company’s bags are traditionally handmade in England, the satchels in this collection were instead produced in Melissa’s manufacturing facilities in Brazil.

Here’s a snippet into how each bag is made:

Beyond the hands-on approach to this collaboration, both brands say that their goal is to give their patrons something new in a “fresh, innovative way.” Proof: the bags, which come with adjustable shoulder straps, also have a bubblegum scent.

“We are also happy that this partnership offers a vegan alternative to our customers,” says Julie Deane, founder and CEO of The Cambridge Satchel Company, who adds that throughout the production process, the two brands have only utilized recyclable PVC and that “99% of the factory’s industrial waste is recycled.”

The bags are available for purchase at Galeria Melissa London and at The Cambridge Satchel Company’s flagship store in London, although for those who live outside London (or the United Kingdom in general), there’s always online shopping in both the brands’ websites.

Eugene Y. Santos