Coachella Trend Watch: All About the Choker (and the Bandana)

In What's New, Industry News by Lauren Parker

“I think chokers are the new flower crowns,” said Taylor Swift on Instagram to the sound of 1.3 million fingers tapping “like.”

coachella taylor swift
Indeed. To accessorize all that white eyelet and crochet, thousands of Coachella-istas reached for jewelry chokers and bandana scarves fashioned into chokers. And flower crowns? They love you, they love you not!

Coachella2 - Copy

bandana - Copy

coachella - CopyAny bold statement necklace were either silver tribal or western, like squash blossoms with turquoise.

Untitled-2 - CopySunnies were round and mirrored, the better to reflect their friend’s jewelry face tattoos.

coachella5 - CopyCredits from top: @taylorswift, @stylesightworldwide,

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