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CNN’s ‘The Sixties’ Series is Hot for Social, Political and Fashion Insights

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CNN The SixtiesCNN’s 10-part series “The Sixties” continues to fascinate both those who lived through the decade and those curious about its dynamic social, political, entertainment and fashion impact.

The show kicked off on May 29 as the No. 1 program on cable news according to Nielsen Fast National data for that time slot and is definitely a must-see (the tagline The decade that changed the world” says it all).

The sixties was the decade that brought TV into everyone’s living room, shaking up everything from a presidential debate (and who looked more “presidential”) to race relations (did you know that “Star Trek” featured TV’s first interracial kiss?). From hippies tripping out at Woodstock or protesting the Vietnam war to clips of TV shows like Laugh-In or The Ed Sullivan Show, this is the real deal.

The prominence of Mod fashions today make the series’ clothing particularly fun to watch, but “The Sixties” goes the extra mile by anchoring everything in a social, political context.

“The Sixties” is executive produced by Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman and features commentary from prominent industry figures.

To continue the visual discussion beyond the show, CNN’s iReport shows what the sixties really looked like! Click here to see images submitted from viewers, capturing the decade in all its (fabulous and cringing) fashion glory.