Citizen Gets Philosophical About Time at Milan Design Week

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Citizen "Time is TIME" installation

Time is something we usually don’t spend too much time pondering, but but Citizen Watch wants to change that.

“Time is TIME” is Citizen’s design installation, set up at the recently concluded Milan Design Week. The installation was created in collaboration with Tsuyoshi Tane from DGT this week (Tane had also created the “LIGHT is TIME” installation in 2014).

“Time is TIME” is our challenge in the 21st century to introduce a new vision of “TIME,” says Tane. “We wanted to think deeply about the question “what is time?” Time contains many individual moments, including one we call “Now.” It is impossible to make time stand still. People and objects grow old, but time is always new.”

The “time is TIME” experimental and experiential installation uses approximately 120,000 main plates in two primary spaces: SPACE A and SPACE B. In these spaces, visitors will have a completely new time experience. In this installation, they will experience time as an absolute and everything else as relative.

Citizen Watch was founded in 1918, and over the century has developed numerous technologies and designs. To demonstrate this at the show, Citizen will exhibit 18 timepieces which symbolize the concept of CITIZEN design, “Bringing a start to new technologies.”

Einstein would be proud.

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