China Touts Top Accessories Brands in Times Square on “Singles Day “(11/11)

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Alibaba Group's trademark for Singles Day

Alibaba Group’s trademark for Singles Day

Shenzhen, China—It’s known as “Singles Day,” a reference to the day (11/11) and has become the Cyber Monday for China especially the super conglomerate Alibaba Group. Along with its network of online retailers, Alibaba posted $2 billion in sales the first hour. Since its inception, Singles Day has day has grown from $7 million in sales in 2009 to over $5.7 billion last year for Jack Ma’s company

Counted among the purveyors on Singles Day are more than two dozen accessories brands—brands bigger than most of the equivalent U.S. brands, yet unknown to most Americans.

On Tuesday that will all change as the accessories brands get a showcase on one of the large electronic screens overlooking Times Square.


For instance, in handbags and luggage, eight brands will be touted: Artmi, EMINI HOUSE, WENGER, ELLE, DISSONA, DELSEY, CROWN and A-ZA,

Of the eight brands, A-ZA, ELLE, DELSEY, CROWN and UTC have recorded particularly stunning sales. ELLE (also as an offline brand) has been ranked first in terms of sales on Tmall under the ladies handbag category; CROWN has the largest bag and luggage production facility in Asia coupled with exemplary branding and marketing strategies; DELSEY, a trolley case leader in Europe, has a network across five continents that, collectively, completes a unit sale worldwide on average once every ten seconds; A-ZA, a pioneer in the original fast-fashion concept, is widely popular among young consumers and has been the best-selling ladies handbag brand for three consecutive years; and UTC has set up 1,000 authorized locations to serve more than 100 million travelers.

Artmi, EMINI HOUSE and DISSONA all specialize in cultural innovation; EMINI HOUSE is primarily engaged in entry-level luxury handbags for women; Artmi incorporates its artistic concept into handbag and luggage designs; and DISSONA, the most successful leathergoods brand in China, employs Hermes master craftsmen Mr. Maurice who, as DISSONA’s brand master, endows the firm with the essence of the craftsmanship that he has inherited.


There will also be China’s five top watch brands represented on the giant screens: Seagull, Rossini, Tianwang, Ebohr and Beijing.

These top five watch brands, each bringing to the table more than 20 years of experience in watchmaking, collectively embody the advanced state of technology across China’s watchmaking industry: Seagull launched China’s first watch in 1955; Beijing created China’s first tourbillion watch in 1996; Rossini was the only designated watch brand for the 2009 World Model Contest-China Region, establishing the popularity of made-in-China watches in world markets; with its unique culturally-influenced charisma, Ebohr is the only Shenzhen-based demonstration watch maker licensed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology; and Tianwang has become the number one made-in-China watch brand after 26 years of building a brand that encompasses a cultural connotation.

The 11.11 Shopping Festival began in 2009 with 27 brands and this year more than 27,000 brands and merchants from will participate. During last year’s event, $5.8 billion worth of goods were sold via Taobao Marketplace and

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