Charles Philip Shanghai Launches International Online Store

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Charles Philip Shanghai storeHong Kong–Charles Philip Shanghai, a luxury shoe brand coveted by “celebrities and worldwide trendsetters, hopes to expand its sales further with the debut of its online store. Created by TLG CommerceCharles Philip Shanghai now two online selling platforms: one prepared to operate globally and the other exclusively for the Chinese market.

The luxury footwear company decided to create a new international eShop in order to attract distributors and customers from around the world, especially from Europe, America and Asian territories such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and Japan. Charles Philip Shanghai also seeks through this online store, to position itself as a high and global luxury brand.

TLG Commerce, which has offices in Beijing and Hong Kong, has also created for Charles Philip Shanghai a second eShop exclusively for the Chinese market that can only be viewed from China. The footwear brand, which has its flagship store in Shanghai and is one of the most international Chinese luxury brands, aims through this eShop to attract more buyers in this country, a market that has become a priority target for the brand and which currently focuses an important part of its business.

This e-commerce site–that has been adapted to the Chinese consumers needs and tastes–integrates China’s most popular payment solutions and also the most popular social networks in the country. This online store includes, as well, some customization options exclusively for the costumers of that Asian country.







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