Charles Albert Launches New Metal with Alchemia Collection

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Miami—What’s a sterling silver designer to do when the metal shoots up to almost $50 an ounce and gold is over $1,700? Consult the silversmiths and metalsmiths and create an entirely new metal. Added bonus if the resulting metal looks very similar to 18-karat gold!

While still keeping his sterling silver line, Charles Albert–known for his oversized statement pieces with genuine stones and fossils–has created an alternative with his more accessible Alchemia by Charles Albert.

“The name Alchemia comes from the Latin word for alchemy, the ancient craft of seeking to transform lesser metals into gold,” says Albert, who won’t reveal the exact formula for his creation, but notes that it’s not plated and therefore won’t rub off or tarnish.

The line follows the same aesthetic as the silver line, where pieces are created around the natural beauty of stones from around the world. But the Alchemia line offers the look of gold at a “fraction of the price.”

Statement rings, bracelets, pendants and earrings range in retail prices from $29 to $250, with giant statement necklaces running higher.

“We worked really hard to get the same color and luster of 18-karat gold,” says Albert. “And while I’m known for my dramatic stones, we have many beautiful pieces in the Alchemia collection that are all metal.”

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