Celebrity Wrap Up: Wild Shape Bags

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Wild thing. You make my heart sing.

That song explains how I feel towards ‘wild shape bags’. Not only it fits perfectly with the theme, but it’s also a way to describe these ‘wild things’ and how it fits in this wonderful world of fashion.

Celebrities are always looking and coming up with ways of having different clothing and accessories. But they’re not the only ones that can add a peculiar touch to fashion.

Wild shaped bags are interesting kinds of bags. They’re unique, and have their own sense of creativity in fashion. Fashion wouldn’t be fashion if it wasn’t a little risque, right? So wild shape bags, what are they and where can you find one, you may be asking. Well here’s the 4-1-1 on these cool bags.

Wild Shape Handbags: (noun/accessory/ purse)

  • A handbag that has a unique exterior structure with a good interior that has consistency and room to hold wallets, cellphones, lipgloss, agendas, pens, books, water bottles, maybe a puppy?

Okay, just kidding about the puppy. But you get what I mean. These wild shape bags are a cool way of expressing yourself and stepping outside the ordinary shaped handbags. There are slouchy, oval, rectangular, long, square, short, floral, envelope, even Hello-Kitty shaped bags. Even though some shapes may be a little too much for someone’s taste, here are a few options that are definitely daring but it’s more ‘conservative’ looking compared to others.

Not So Wild Bag

Gucci $1,320

This bag shape is not so wild, nonetheless is gorgeous. The soft pink and asymmetrical shape is idealistic for those who wants to step in the wild-chic side. The touch of the strapped chain and the fringe on the zipper gives an edgy look to your style. This bag can also be worn as a cross-body.

Messy Bag

CC Skye $693

Tyler Hobo Bag is a very unique handbag. It’s an organic looking handbag, that is made of raw cut glazed leather that drapes down when carrying it. It has three pockets inside and it has a sturdy strap; strong enough to carry almost anything!

Wild-Child Backpack

Patricia Field $98

If you’re a backpack lover in search of a new and different style to add to your ‘pack’ collection, this just might be it. This double zipped bag is super funky with it’s design – consist of two separate sides, so you can put books on the right, and snacks on the left. This bag is also perfect for those who loves skulls, and wants to sharpen up punk-rock style.

For sure these bags make everything, groovy. So don’t miss the opportunity of being creative and shop for wild bags. It’s a fun way to spice up your style and image.

Wild thing.

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