Celebrity Wrap Up: Overnight Bags

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Don’t you just hate when people arrive at hotels, spas, even airports with their cute “matchy-matchy” getaway bags? And you stand there, with your handbag straps on the verge of ripping and your toothbrush poking out from the side pockets, giving them the evil eye?Truth is, you want to be as cool as they are, and the life you want to lead does not include an unflattering bag. It’s time for a ‘brag-up’ (break up from your old bag).

We all have those moments in life where we do not plan a quickie getaway or even an overnight stay at someone else’s house. So as we’re rushing to cautiously light pack all of our essentials, we end up with everything we don’t need and a unicorn tucked inside a mini luggage.

In this case, luggage bag is not what you need. What you need is a stylin’ hip-hoppin’ overnight bag. Here are some options of beautiful bags you could, and should, opt for:


Pauric Sweeney – $1,445

“Overnighting in Style”

If you’re one of those, who loves ‘black on black on black’, this overnight beauty is made for you. Pauric Sweeney’s bag has three straps that can be adjusted to however you like; tote, cross-body – it’s your call. It’s 100% made of sheepskin, making it soft enough just in case you accidentally fall asleep on top of it (which I can guarantee – you won’t ever want to ruin this bag with the shape of your head).


Diane von Furstenberg – $65

“The Business Chic”

Traveling back and forth for work can be stressful. But with this bag, at least it can be fashionable. Diane von Furstenberg did it again, creating a beautiful overnight bag that can carry all of your essentials in style. This bag has a flat base that provides an upright structure so it won’t keep flattening it if there’s open space. It also has exterior pockets for easy access to passport, tickets and wallet.


 Land’s End Canvas – $160.99


This striped overnight bag is perfect for the “Indie-Rockers” and “Coachella- Goers”. This slouchy ‘pick-up and go’ bag is big enough to fit all of your overnight essentials and keeping a carefree style to it. It’s made of genuine leather and cotton.

Make overnight fun by having the right overnight bag with you. Trust me nothing’s better than having everything you need, in a bag that is jaw-dropping gorgeous (and made for overnight getaways). Upgrade your bags today!

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