Be careful with these fall accessories

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The problem with trends is that not everyone can add them to their wardrobe. There are also trends that were never functional as a long lasting addition to your wardrobe. I have to reference Nicki Minaj’s collection for Kmart which seem to but every trend that I considered bordering micro and ghastly if not used sparingly. These trends require finesse and here are some tips to incorporate items if you want to be trendy.

Fur with animal needs to be broken up with leather-like accents to avoid looking cheap and tawdry.

Fur and animal print

In order to not look like a 70’s pimp, avoid fur with animal print. It may seem smart to add multiple trends into one product but you have to understand that the elegance of fur can become unsophisticated when printed with animal markings.  If you do like mixing trends, try to find a fur and animal print bag that incorporates leather-like materials and uses the printed fur as an accent instead as the main attraction.

All clear looks why too gauche. Break up clear with solid accents for a more refined look.

Clear shoes

Clear is a trend I had to admit that I thought would be a micro trend (lasts no longer that it takes for you to consider buying it) or at least seasonal (3 months top) but it seems to have staying power. The most difficult part about this trend is the fact that once again it can’t be used all over the shoe. It requires accents like the toe or the heel or the sides. An all clear shoe can easy look like (to borrow Tim Gunn’s adage) “you’re trying to hard” which probably means “you look gauche”.

Adding texture to hologram makes it look expensive.

Iridescent or hologram

Unlike the other trends, this trend can stand alone without being paired down with other materials. However, do not buy smooth and non-structured hologram looks which can look  un-versatile. We are liked the texture and the structure of the above bag because it gives a more expensive quality to an otherwise cheap material.




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