Capri Sandals: Made the Old Fashioned, Italian Way

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Capri-Style: Eliana sandals by Canfora

Capri, Italy—This magical island off Sorrento has been a popular resort since the days of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Those who has sauntered through its pedestrian-only streets or headed down to boat or bathe at Marina Piccola likely wear what has become the signature accessory of Capri: a flat leather sandal.

Canfora, which began making the sandals since in 1946, still makes them completely by hand in the same manner that founder Amedeo Canfora did. The sole is made with various layers of Italian leather, with an iron arch support inside. The layers of leather are pressed and sewn together (the stitching is visible on the bottom of the sandal along with the company’s hallmark), and coated with non-slip rubber.

“The sole is practically eternal: the sandals maintain their form and consistency for years and are even rain resistant,” the company says.

Neon Gail sandal

100% Handmade in Capri

And many of its styles have proven eternal too, bestsellers among the jet set for decades. Fans have included Princess Grace, Naomi Campbell, Princess Caroline, Sofia Loren, Carey Grant, Humphrey Bogart and many more.

For instance, a perennial favorite is the “Jackie,” a sandal designed for Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, back in the 1960s and still a bestseller. Newer styles come in an array of colors, many decorated with high-quality Italian fashion jewelry. Suggested retails range from $145 for a simple thong in various colored leathers to $350 for bejeweled styles.

While Canfora still makes it sandals to order, now it is expanding hoping to reach Caprifans worldwide. Sandals can be ordered online at and sandals can be shipped out UPS in usually less than a week.

“There are a lot of imitation Capri-style sandals out there, we just want to make sure fans get authentic ones,” says a Canfora spokesperson. Canfora is putting together a sales team too and hopes to offer some styles to U.S.retailers next spring.

Turqoise Irina sandal



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