Can Psy Get 1 Billion People Wearing This Bracelet?

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Psy doing his famous Gangnam Style horsey dance

Trevi, Italy–Admit it, you’ve tried the dance.

With 1.1 billion hits on his YouTube music video “Gagnam Style,” mega Korean pop star Psy spawned the most imitated dance in recent memory.

It will be interesting if he can do the same with a line of jewelry he is now endorsing.

Italian macramé lace jewelry company Cruciani C has tapped Psy as its brand ambassador. Apparently, a fan gave Psy some Cruciani bracelets before his big performance in Times Square on New Year’s Eve and he became a big fan.



Psy has since requested that the four-leaf clover bracelet with the heart in the middle, be made in an additional 30 colors.

Bringing Psy and Cruciani C together is certainly an inspired move. The Cruciani C bracelets are made with macrame’ lace by the Caprai Textile Group, one of the most historic Italian manufacturer of household linen. PSY, is a modern pop phenomenon who may or may not be a one-hit wonder.

The bracelet will sell for about $15 in US dollars according to the company, offering “100% Made in Italy” craftsmanship at a price.

Psy wearing a Cruciani C bracelet.

At left, Psy wears a Cruciani C bracelet. Perhaps he is penning his next song? Let’s hope it’s in English so we can all sing along!

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