You Can Bury These Sunglasses in your Compost, and They’ll Completely Decompose

In What's New, Industry News by Ann Loynd

This month, innovative German company Crafting Plastics! Studio will launch its first one-of-a-kind eyewear collection—the world’s first bioplastic designer frames. Created from a new generation of plastics made completely from 100% renewable plant-based materials, that glasses are completely biodegradable. 

Over the past three years, Crafting Plastics! Studio has been working closely with materials scientists from the Slovak Technical University to create a new form of oil-free, carbon-neutral bioplastic material. Strong and malleable for the duration of its use, the bioplastic decomposes completely once placed in industrial compost, leaving no impact on the environment.

The best part? The glasses are darn good looking, hitting that hipster feel in four colorways (nude, mysterious blue, bohemian earth, orange seaweed) and four unisex styles. The color is created with such natural pigments as algae, earth or food pigments. And thanks to 3D printing technology, the brand is able to reduce the amount of waste during disposal of this material up to 90% in comparison to other traditional technologies.

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