Bucketfeet Relaunches Shoes With On-Demand, Zero-Waste Model

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New Bucketfeet footwear wears unique artwork, like “CMYK Visions” by Col Wallnuts.

Today, Chicago-based brand Bucketfeet (originally launched in 2011), returns with its mission to support creatives globally. The unisex artist-designed sneaker line is relaunching with an on-demand, direct-to-consumer model that boasts zero waste. When consumers order a style, it will be made-to-order and delivered within 10 days.


“Kiwi Kiwi” by Peap Tarr

Continuing with its mission to support the design community, Bucketfeet is increasing artist royalties from $1 per pair to up to $10 per pair. The line offers 100 designs on classic unisex slip-ons, each priced at $85 retail, with thousands more styles to roll out in the coming months.

“We’ve always seen ourselves as a platform for artists to sell their work and connect with a global community. We’re really excited to bring our on-demand supply chain to market, as it allows us to work with a much larger percentage of our artist community while offering our customers more choice than ever before,” says Cofounder Raaja Nemani. “With the rise of social media, consumer preferences are changing faster than ever before, and this model allows us to cater to each individual customer’s needs without taking on the inventory risk that is currently devastating traditional retail brands.”


“Coffee Cups” by Yoyoha

Plus, through 3D rendering technology, consumers can easily visualize what their finished shoes will look like on Bucketfeet’s website. Ultimately, the brand hopes its art can spark conversation and create cross-cultural connections.

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