Bryan Boy X Adrienne Landau: Fur Goes Fur-tastic!

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Blogger-turned-designer Bryan Grey Yambao, better known by the pen name Bryan Boy

Blogger-turned-designer Bryan Grey Yambao, better known by the pen name Bryan Boy

New York–Bryan Grey Yambao aka Bryan Boy—fashion blogger extraordinaire, America’s Next Top Model judge and front row Fashion Week fixture—has just launched his first fashion capsule, done with upscale fur designer Adrienne Landau.

From colorful fur bow ties to camera straps, this is no ordinary fur collection. But Bryan Boy’s whimsical and unisex take on a luxury item is just starting to hit the floors at participating retailers like Saks, Barneys, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, Piperlime, Kirna Zabete, Colette in Paris.

Bryan took time out of his busy day (he was in the midst of a photo shoot on his apartment) to chat about his line, his famous love of fur and his (almost) half a million followers!

BFA_5244_602468-1024x1024So you’re like the biggest blogger in the world and this is your first collaboration. What took you so long?

I’ve been blogging for nine years and everyone’s been asking me when I was going to do a fashion collaboration! But I really wanted it to be right. I didn’t want to do t-shirts or anything like that. I really love fur so this is really me.

How did you and Adrienne Landau come together?

I was in their showroom a lot pulling samples, and one day I asked if they had fur scarves in orange. They didn’t and I joked: ‘Maybe we should do a collaboration!’ And here we are…

BFA_5244_602391-Copy-196x300Did your 413,000 Twitter followers know the Adrienne Landau brand?

My fans are really fashion obsessed and this will bring a new demographic to her brand. I really believe that the best collaborations can come from an unlikely partnership.

What does the line entail?

It’s scarves, fur hats, bow ties, camera straps, lots of different items. Adrienne Landau is really known for fur vests and garments but I wanted my pieces to be smaller. The idea was to do pops of colored fur to wear with a simple black or printed dress. It’s also a unisex line, which was unique.




Regarding color, your timing is good. Fendi’s Fall 2013 show, to just name one, was all about vivid fur.

Yes, there was a lot of colored fur on the runways and consumers are ready for it! As a shopper I was so bored of all the plain winter fur colors of brown, black, gray. It was always the same old story. Things are changing now.


Is it accessible to your market?

Everything is under $600. The rabbit fur pull-through scarf is $150; bow ties are $75 or $95. Mink versions are $400. There is fox and raccoon too.

Are you doing any extensions for warmer weather?

Fur is really the DNA of the Adrienne Landau brand and that’s what I’m putting my heart into right now. This was just supposed to be a one-season collaboration and we’ve already extended it long-term. The result and retailer response has been really fantastic.

Are you bummed that it’s too hot for consumers to wear your fur in the Philippines, your home country?

True, it’s like 100 degrees all the time in the Philippines and obviously people dress to suit the weather. But you know what? People travel all the time and the Internet ships everywhere!

Speaking of travel, where have you been going lately?

I was in Morocco for a music festival and am off to Singapore the middle of August to work on a project there. Then I head to Sweden for Stockholm Fashion Week. I love it there, the people are so amazing.

Will you be doing personal appearances to promote the Bryan Boy for Andrienne Landau?

I will be doing a personal appearance in New York at Bloomingdale’s flagship store uptown on September 12 at 6 p.m. then again at their Soho store on September 14 at 2 p.m.

You’re certainly busy. Are you still blogging every day?

I try to but I’m a one-man show and it’s getting increasingly difficult. Sometimes it’s just easier to post a photo on Instagram. That’s me on a trip taking selfies with my tripod.

Adrienne Landau wears one of the collaboration's camera straps

Adrienne Landau wears one of the collaboration’s camera straps