Brighton’s Americana Jewelry Campaign is Designed to Empower Kids

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brightonLos Angeles—For the third year in a row, Brighton—which over the past decade has supported charities with more than $9 million in donations–is turning its focus to making a difference in the lives of children throughout the country.

Brighton’s Americana Jewelry Campaign offers its customers the opportunity to give back and impact the lives of kids in their communities by purchasing bracelets from the collection. For each Independence Charm Holder Bracelet ($58) and Americana I.D. Bracelet ($48) sold from June 27th through August 3rd, 2014, the company’s 178 Brighton Collectibles stores will contribute 50% of the retail cost to local children’s charities. Since 2012, proceeds from Brighton’s Americana Jewelry Campaign have helped more than 600 children’s charities across the country.

As Laura Young, Brighton’s President of Sales and Marketing explains, “Growing up, I can’t imagine what my life would have been like without ballet classes and piano lessons,” says Laura Young, Brighton’s president of sales/marketing. “My participation in these programs when I was younger gave me the confidence to become the person I am today.”

Over the years, Brighton has designed jewelry to raise money for many non-profit organizations, but making an impact in children’s lives is an initiative that Brighton’s owner, design team and employees are very passionate about.



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