Brides to Say “I Do” to UGGs?

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Sure footed on her wedding day? UGG Australia thinks so with its I Do capsule collection.

Goleta, CA—We all have friends who swear by UGGs, wearing them all winter long, and some, even during the summer with shorts. But wearing UGGs with a wedding dress and veil when you walk down the aisle?

Well the folks at UGG Australia think some bedazzled UGGs would be a welcome addition to a bride’s trousseau. Hence, the footwear brand’s latest capsule collection: “I Do,” consisting of three shoes, an iridescent-sequined boot, a pearlized sheepskin boot with crystal button, and fluffy white shearling flip flops (Retails: $80 to $225).

Although we suspect there won’t be too many brides who would opt for UGGs over heels on their big day, UGG brand has scored some points in creative marketing—even if many in the blogosphere said “I don’t” to the collection.

People even asked readers to weight in on the idea— and guess what? about 27% said they would wear them on their wedding day.

Go figure—but then again, British tabloids pointed that Kim Cattrall was seen wearing a pair of UGGs under her bridesmaid’s dress in “Sex and the City 2.”

While UGGs has been expanding into new categories including handbags, apparel, outerwear, hats, scarves and other accessories, even the most die-hard UGGs fans probably wouldn’t wear them to their weddings.

Nonetheless, the attention and publicity surrounding I Do certainly goes a long way in rebutting analysts, who critiqued UGG brand as “more mature business” in its parent Deckers Outdoor Corp’s last quarterly report.

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