Scanz bracelets capture your "socialprint"

Bracelets Feature Scannable ‘Socialprint’

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Scanz bracelets capture your "socialprint"

Scanz bracelets capture your "socialprint"

New York–Fingerprints are so last generation; now it’s all about your “socialprint.”

Just when you think gadgets can’t get any cooler, we found a new line of techie accessories that promises to make it easier to share your social media and personal information through web-enabled fashion.

QR-Codes as Fashion

Skanz, a new line of social media silicone bracelets and phone cases, are imprinted with unique QR-codes imprinted with your own unique QR-coded “Socialprint.” In case you were wondering, QR-codes are those square, black and white codes you see popping up in advertisements that you can scan with your smartphone.

Users register and create their own, secure, mobile website–or “Skanzsite”–with everything they want to share, all stored in their respective QR-code.

After downloading the app on your smartphone (the same one used to scan any QR-code, already available in the Apple App Store and Android Market), you can scan a friend, colleague or family member’s “Socialprint” instantly exchanging contact information including phone numbers and email addresses, social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube), favorite photos, videos, music and more. Cool, right?

You can also customize your Skanzsite with wallpaper, set content sharing settings, and secure all or some of the information with a password. Within your profile page you’ll be able to see all the people—and their available information—you’ve scanned. All the information can be regularly updated and customized.

The silicone bracelets and phone cases are available in black with a variety of candy colored codes. Retails range from $9.99 for the bracelets and $19.99 to $24.99 for the cases.

While Skanz is initially targeting college students and 20-somethings, we can definitely see how it could translate into the professional world; replacing business cards and changing the way we exchange information on a daily basis. All while looking fabulous, of course.

For more information and to start scanning, visit

–By Amanda Ross

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