Bracelet Bonanza: Summer cuff and bangle trends

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Bracelets have been on everyone’s mind and wrist this spring and summer will not make any exceptions. We may be putting away those wide cuffs from Spring and add more heat friendly styles. Here is some trends to look for this summer:

A variety of friendship bracelets

Friendship bracelets

These thread woven bracelets are making a comeback because of their bright color combinations, versatile wear and of course durability. We see a variety of choices including trendy combinations (rhinestone,neon and charms). The fabric combinations take the look to a more visible feel but remove the stack-able feature. For plus-size girls, the braided  fabric look is perfect because stacking small bracelets may look too busy. New styles add clasp while older styles relay on adjustable knots.

Classic: The basic thread in multiple colors reminds you of the 1970′s.

Casual: The bead and leather combination.

Rock/Punk: Adding spikes and studs to the classic thread for punk and skull charms to the bead and leather combo for rockers.

Romance/Vintage: fabric braids are great in sheers or light fabric.

Glam: Crystal and colored thread combos.

Leather and word bracelets are so hot right now!!

Leather Word bracelets

Everyone has come up with their version of this trend making it the most affordable. We love the idea of creating different words and adding them to leather. The downsize is that most of the bracelets are already completed so look for bracelets that speak to you and your style.

Classic/Causal: Look for metal and leather combos like the one above especially in gold.

Rock/Punk: Look for unusual leather colors in punk and rockers look for ones that incorporate studs.

Romance/Vintage: Look for aged leather styles (Vintage) and campy words like love, or true love.

Glam: Crystal words are your only concern.

Enamel cuff trend comes in different styles including print looks like the one above.

Enamel Cuff bracelets

Continuing with the need for color, metal bracelets get an update with enamel. Bright colors like turquoise, red, blue, yellow, orange and green are paired with gold and silver hued metal. This trend is another versatile look because it comes in different styles from simple thin enameled pieces to thick prints like the image above. Also, the price is friendlier than the word bracelets which are mare department store fair. These bracelets can be found from H&M to Charlotte Russe and Charming Charlie (or Accessorize for our European readers).

Classic/Causal: Simple colored metal in silver (causal) or gold (classic).

Rock/punk: Simple colored metal with stud accents. Rockers may prefer simple black and silver combos (a little hard to find).

Romance/vintage: Go for print looks like the one above in floral or chain link.

Glam: Small crystal accents on printed metal.


These trends are the most versatile but other trends exist as well including acrylic and metal combinations, crystal and metal and acrylic and crystal combinations.




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