Boutique Africaine: A New Site for African Merchandise

In eCommerce, What's New, Industry News by Lauren Parker

Boutique Africaine Those who love African and African-inspired apparel, accessories and home items now have a designated spot to go.

Launching today, Boutique Africaine aims to connect designers directly with consumers, and is also reaching out to designers to open their own online shop, much like the Etsy platform.

Franck Hounsokou, the founder of Boutique Africaine, was inspired by his own frustration shopping for trendy ethnic clothing in North America, which proved to be next-to-impossible.

“Boutique Africaine will fill a gap in the marketplace,” sats Hounsokou. “In the past, finding unique and colorful ethnic fashions could be very difficult, but, with a wide array of designers from around the world, shoppers worldwide will be able to find what they are looking for, without having to go to Africa to do so.”

Boutique Africaine leggingsSome of the designers on the new site will include: New York-based boutique Blue Plate, German shop Alleon, and Spanish shop Yere Jeekk.

“We are very excited to be working with such talented designers, who will all bring their own unique flavor and style to the site.” Boutique Africaine will also be offering its own designs, including: handbags, schoolbags, dresses, and jumpsuits,” Hounsokou adds.

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