Book Pick of the Month: The WOW Factor

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New York—You won’t get to hear her cheeky British accent while reading her new book, but rest assured you’ll get all of Jacqui Stafford’s fantastic style expertise.

TV style expert, fashion spokesperson and personal stylist Stafford (maybe you’ve seen her clips on the Entertainment Tonight or the Today Show?) is releasing her book The WOW Factor: Insider Secrets for Every Body and Every Budget (Gotham Books) this February.

Jacqui Stafford

WOW Factor goes beyond shopping advice to give readers body confidence and the know-how to look the very best they can possibly be. A huge believer in accessories, Stafford gives them lots of play in her how-to book, which is actually grouped by body type. Are you a Fragrance Bottle (wider at the bottom) or a Lipstick (tall and skinny)?

She talks about which accessories fit each respective body type, dispelling the myth that accessories are one-size fits all.

“So many women underestimate the power of accessories and how they can literally change your entire style with the addition of a few simple pieces,” says Stafford. “A good example: Pair a white tee and jeans with a mass of oversized, chunky pearls and you instantly give off an ‘uptown chic’ vibe; yet replace those pearls with a ethnic-inspired bib necklace over the same white tee and now your look registers ‘downtown hipster.’ Also consider size and proportion; dainty, delicate pieces can get lost on a larger frame so go for big, bolder pieces instead,” says Stafford.

So what kind of jewelry should a Fragrance Bottle body type wear? “Shorter chunky pieces to bring attention to your face and make your top half the star of the ensemble,” advises Stafford. Lipstick body types should opt for bib pieces that “sit in the midst of your décolletage to add dimension to your look and create the illusion of a wider neckline and thus a curvier shape.”

Who knew?

Now you do! WOW Factor launches in February, but you can pre-order the book here.

Jacqui Stafford is a recognized TV style expert, fashion spokesperson and personal stylist who appears on everything from the Today Show to Entertainment Tonight to The View. Her extensive work on style and beauty has appeared in Vogue, Marie Claire, Town & Country, Cosmopolitan, Lucky, Real Simple and Shape. Her debut style book, “The Wow! Factor: Insider Style Secrets for Every Body and Budget”, will be published by Penguin in Feb 2013. Stafford has served as the style spokesperson for Slim-Fast, Avenue and Bali Bras. She has lived and worked in five countries, and hosted her own style TV show in Hong Kong where she was nominated “One of the Ten Most Interesting People in Hong Kong.”

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