‘Black Panther’ Costumes Are Peak Afrofuturism

In The Daily Scoop by Lauren Parker, Accessories Magazine

Oscar-nominated costume designer Ruth E. Carter is no stranger to creating film looks that shine a light on black history and culture; she’s the mastermind behind the costumes in AmistadDo the Right ThingMalcolm XSelma, and many more. But designing the outfits for Marvel’s Black Pantherout February 16th, was her biggest challenge yet. Armed with extensive research — plus a team of more than 100 craftspeople, fabric dyers, tailors, and jewelry makers — Carter created 700 different costumes for the movie that paid homage to a number of different African peoples. And at the launch for the limited-edition Clarks Originals x Black Panthersneaker, Racked spoke with the costume designer to learn how that inspiration played out on screen. Read more at Racked

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