Bees: Something to BEE-lieve In

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Gucci bag. Photo: Leandro Justen

We can’t stop buzzing about bees, and not just because Gucci told us to. The little guys need all the help they can (with them inexplicably dying off and all), and the fashion industry’s spotlight will only help.

Coup earrings

We’ve been eyeing jewelry brands like Coup for a while for its strong bee motifs, often paired with pearls or honeycombs that have an added graphic appeal.


Burberry also factors the bee into its new collection of Burberry Beasts, with a patchy, collage-like feel. However, we just discovered a brand new collection by Virgin Saints and Angels that promises to make bee worship a religious experience. Literally.

God Save the Bees, which made its debut at MAGIC in Vegas, celebrates the fact that VSA is an all women’s company, so it’s a shout-out to the Queen Bee. It also honors the fact that bees pollinate the world and help keep life at so many tiers buzzing along. The collection is divided into four themes: Bee-lieve (Virgin); Bee-fierce (Cross), Bee-mine (Bee) and Queen bee (Bee and Virgin).

God Save the Queen by Virgin Saints and Angels

Think rosary bees, Virgin medallions with bees and crosses…you get the idea. Meanwhile, a portion of all proceeds from this collection will be donated to The Honey Bee Conservancy a non profit organization dedicated to educating, researching and building bee habitats.

God Save the Bees by Virgin Saints and Angels

Click here to learn more to help save the bees.

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