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From their obsession with taking selfies to their kale addiction, millennials remain an enigma to traditional retailers. So, how are they supposed to attract that key demographic? eMarketer recently released some eye-opening information about millennial consumer behavior, revealing exactly what millennials are looking for when it comes to shopping. Below, some key takeaways.

For a generation that came of age during the Great Recession, it’s no surprise that this age group is, above all else, is concerned with price. They’ll shop around online, looking for the best deals and steals and are also keen to using digital coupons. eMarketer’s findings also show that a whopping 57.4% are most likely to purchase when a retailer emails them a discount code.

Truly a product of their generation, millennials are most swayed to purchase online by product reviews and social media posts. What’s more, many take to Amazon first to search for products first rather than traditional search engines.

Finally, over 50% of the age group make their purchases on mobile devices, at any time and in any place, like their bed, bathroom or car.