As Latest Twilight Film Nears, Fans Dig Up Fashion Finds

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As Latest Twilight Film Nears, Fans Dig Up Fashion Finds

Twihards–diehard “Twilight” movie fans–are counting down the seconds until the saga’s third film “Twilight:Eclipse” hits theaters June 30.

The saga is a mega-success: the first two films grossing more than $1 billion, and the second film of the series, “New Moon,” had the third highest opening weekend in history. Teenagers and adults alike are so utterly obsessed with these vampire films that fans follow numerous online countdown clocks that mark the wait to the premiere.

Indeed, this summer “Sex and the City” isn’t the only cult-favorite film to elicit fashion mayhem. Just as women all over the world scramble to get their hands on a pair of Carrie’s Manolos, Twilight fans also covet their favorite vampire’s clothing, jewelry and accessories.

And retailers are ready to capitalize on the craze. is now selling a limited edition collection of jewelry reminiscent of the jewelry worn by the Cullen family. The collection includes pieces that resemble Edward’s cuff, Alice’s choker, Rosalie’s necklace, Esme’s bracelet and Carlisle’s ring. For $244, Twihards can receive the entire collection, including display cases for each piece, the Cullen crest, and a Peter Facinelli (Carlisle Cullen) signed post card.

This Summer’s Hottest Engagement Ring

The jewelry seen in the first two Twilight films elicited copycats galore, but in the latest installment “Eclipse,” precise attention and detail was paid to the creation of the jewelry. In this film, Edward proposes to Bella, and like any film-ready proposal, a beautiful engagement ring was necessary. For the perfect ring, author Stephenie Meyer had a vision. Though the prop master and five different jewelers created designs, none seemed quite right. So, Meyer took matters into her own hands (literally) and designed the antique engagement ring herself. The design, which Meyer describes in the novel as, “set with slanting rows of glittering round stones,” was rushed to Portland jeweler Rick Thurber, who created the pave-diamond ring just moments before the scene was filmed.

Fans can also buy a replica of the diamond-encrusted oval ring co-designed by the author and Infinite Jewelry Co. The ring matches the one described in the books, and is already available in three prices: “fashion” at $35, “fine” for $479, and “genuine” for a real diamond ring priced at $1,979.

If accessorizing like your favorite Cullen doesn’t fulfill your every vampire fantasy, then dressing like one surely will. Seattle-based Nordstrom, like the Twilight films, teamed with Summit Entertainment to produce a clothing line inspired by “Eclipse.” The collection, now in stores, was created by Awake Inc., and will be sold in Nordstrom’s B.P. department. Retails range from $30 for a Bella and Alice-esque tee-shirt, to $58 for jeans.